12 September update: we have published updated information on the Energy Bills Support Scheme, including how you’ll be paid. Read the latest information here.

Following on from an announcement earlier this year, the government have now published further details on the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS). 

The Energy Bills Support Scheme is a government funded discount that every household with a domestic electricity connection will start to receive from October this year. This has been introduced to support households with the recent rising costs of energy. 

There have been changes since the initial announcement, with the discount increasing from £200 to £400 and households no longer being required to pay the amount back in the future. We cover all the key updates below.  

This is a highly complex project. As an industry, a lot of hard work is taking place with government officials to meet the tight delivery timescales. 

For Good Energy customers, we will shortly confirm how we will deliver the discount, as the process will differ depending on how you pay for your energy (e.g., Direct Debit, pay on receipt). 

Please wait to hear from us before you contact us about your support payment.

We will provide more information shortly, once the last few details have been confirmed by the government. 

The key information so far

  • All households with a domestic electricity connection in the UK are eligible for the scheme. There is no need to apply through your supplier. 
  • The payment has increased from £200 to £400, with the government now confirming it will be turned into a discount. Households will no longer have to pay this back. 
  • Rather than receiving it in one lump sum from October this year, the government want the amount to be spread out across the winter months. This is a government direction, so suppliers are unable to provide £400 in one lump sum. 
  • It will be spread out across six months, in six separate payments. 
    • £66 in October 2022
    • £66 in November 2022
    • £67 in December 2022
    • £67 in January 2023
    • £67 in February 2023
    • £67 in March 2023
  • The process will differ depending on how you currently pay for your energy bills (i.e., Direct Debit, pay on receipt, pre-payment etc.). Good Energy customers will be notified of the process shortly – please wait to hear from us before you contact us about the scheme.
  • If you switch supplier during these six months, you will still receive the discount. Suppliers will manage this process automatically. 

Worried about energy bills?

If you’re finding it difficult to afford your energy, contact your energy supplier as they may be able to help set up a payment plan. You can also get independent advice about your energy bills from Citizens Advice.