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    rebrand small business 2022

    Why you should consider rebranding your small business in 2022

    The rebrand of one of the world’s most famous brands in 2021 took everyone by surprise.

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says his decision to rebrand the umbrella corporate identity as Meta was based “on his belief in the potential of the metaverse” but as business and branding experts also speculate, it was a chance to look forward after major controversies associated with the brand. No matter the size of your business, after navigating the rollercoaster than has been COVID-19, now is a great time to take stock of your business and think about your existing brand identity to see if it aligns with your business today and plans for the future.

    Rebranding is a chance to reflect on your market position and customer sentiment.

    Facebook is not the only household name to rebrand in recent years. For example, Kentucky Fried Chicken rebranded to KFC to lose ‘fried’ at a time when consumers were increasingly seeking healthier choices. Likewise, Weight Watchers capitalised on the wellbeing movement by rebranding as a wellness company called WW focused on healthy habits rather than just weight loss.

    And in Australia, the highly publicised rebrand of the iconic Coon cheese to Cheer was rooted in an anti-racism campaign – one of several brands globally facing pressure to rebrand following the Black Lives Matter movement.

    There are many factors to rebranding, but there are four valuable elements often overlooked

    As your business evolves, it is natural that your brand will too. And as Australia’s economy continues to ride the turbulence of the pandemic, 2022 brings a unique opportunity to reinvent or reimagine your business to meet the new normal and beyond. But in planning a rebrand, it is important that you consider more than a new logo or name and instead look at how to set up your brand for longer-term sustainable growth. Considering rebranding your small business in 2022? The following four questions are integral ones to ask as part of this process:

    1. What does your brand mean to all your stakeholders – employees, customers, investors, partners and suppliers? Loyalty, sentiment and affinity are all incredibly valuable assets that link to your reputation – so it’s important to gain real-time feedback.

    2. How well do your existing customers recognise your brand and the products or services that you offer? Is there an opportunity to drop, refresh or innovate? For example, if someone is thinking about engaging an interior design firm, is your brand’s identity, accessibility and reputation top of mind?

    3. Is your digital and physical presence aligned? The digital world is moving so fast, and it is essential that your brand is easily found online – both with a website and on social media. Australia’s e-commerce sales boomed by 53 per cent in 2020 while buyers on social e-commerce (selling direct from social media platforms) increased five-fold.

    4. Is your brand’s purpose aligned with that of your customers? Social and environmental credentials and commitments are now more important than ever, and people expect brands to transparently communicate their purpose at every touchpoint. Kantar’s global BrandZ brand valuation database shows brands with a strong purpose grew their value by 175 per cent, more than double than those with weak purpose over the period from 2006 to 2018.

    Rebranding is more than just a design refresh, it’s re-establishing your purpose and values

    Your brand is your most powerful asset – but it is more than a name and logo. It’s your everything. Rebranding is firstly about reflection and research and secondly about projection and promise – reviewing your current status and projecting who and where you want to be – it’s fundamental to reputation and acquisition. Think customers, services, business principles and commitments, look and feel, service ethos and more – every touchpoint that communicates your brand and identity. It is a powerful and valuable reflection of how you operate.

    Rebranding your small business is an opportunity to reconnect with and introduce yourself to customers

    You can re-establish who you are today, announce a new product or service launch, differentiate yourself from competitors, expand or appeal to a newer or wider audience or markets, or update your identity if it no longer represents your business. As creative rebranding specialists, at Creative Order we can bring your brand’s vision to life for today and tomorrow and ensure every element, from trademarking to values and signage to social are all clearly communicated and aligned in a physical and digital world. As the world continues to pivot, navigate and respond to the ever-changing pandemic rules, 2022 is a great time to consider how your brand fits in to this new normal.


    So 2022 is the time to rebrand your small business. Our client Lauren Mahoney at Studio Trio had this to say about her experience of working with Creative Order on the rebranding of her interior design business:

    “Todd and his team at Creative Order helped our business rebrand after 20 years. Our Interior Design business ‘Studio Trio’ now looks amazing. Todd and his team elevated the look, logo and overall appearance to more than we could of imagined.

    Creative Order listened to the brief, managed our expectations, had amazing ideas, delivered on time and managed the overall process so well. The steps and proposal were clear and easy to follow. We are so glad we found them and for future clients you would be mad not to use these guys!

    They are awesome 🙂 Lauren Founder Studio Trio”

    studio trio rebrand


    Creative Order are rebrand specialists, we can guide you in every aspect of rebranding your small business.

    Design is in our DNA from digital to print to brand identity ensuring you have a holistic and seamless brand creation for your interior design business. Email us now


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