People power

What makes Good Energy different from all the other suppliers claiming to sell 100% renewable electricity?

The answer is simple: our community of over 1,700 independent generators. We buy power directly from them, using it to match every kWh you use at home.

Independent businesses, non profits and local communities, spread all over Britain, that are all doing their bit to make the world a cleaner, greener place.

Our generators

hydroelectric energy generator
hydroelectric energy
hydroelectric energy generator
hydroelectric energy

Solar energy

Did you know that together, the solar panels installed on Britain’s rooftops have double the capacity of the country’s largest fossil fuel power station? Solar power is an important part of the UK’s energy mix, responsible for around 12% of renewable generation in the UK in 2020.

Wind energy

The majority of Britain’s renewable electricity comes from the wind. In fact, in 2020 almost a quarter of all the electricity generated came from wind turbines. And at some points during the year, wind power generated as much as 60% of our electricity.

How do wind turbines generate electricity?

An energy supplier you can trust

Many other energy suppliers claiming to be 100% green don’t source their electricity the way that we do.

Many buy some or all of their power on the wholesale market, which comes from a mix of sources including fossil fuels and nuclear. This is called greenwashing, and it’s something we will never do.

All our energy tariffs are Uswitch Gold accredited