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    rebrand your interior design business

    Why you should rebrand your interior design business

    As an interior designer, you know the value of balancing aesthetics with function

    As brand design experts, so do we. But with over 17,000 people working as interior designers in Australia – many flying solo with their own business – is your interior design brand standing out from the cluttered crowd in this industry?

    As hybrid working grows in popularity, are you top of mind with potential clients who are craving to rework their home/work/office environments after 18 months of largely the same four walls? Never has there been a better time to make sure your brand is cutting through the digital clutter to make the right physical impact. So, therefore it might be time to rebrand – and why you should invest in expert help from a branding agency.

    Your brand is your most powerful asset – but its more than a name and logo. It’s your everything.

    When we design or redesign a brand, we are helping create and bring to life your identity. A branding agency works with a similar approach to how you tackle a client’s interior design needs. We consider everything about what your business stands and how it will communicate through your digital, printed and physical touchpoints.

    Like you, we go beyond colours, logos and names – it’s about textures and feelings and personality and principles. Bringing your brand to life defines your reputation, underpins your service ethos and drives customer or client loyalty – and in interior design it’s a powerful reflection of how you operate.

    We bring your design vision to life and encapsulate space, line, form, light, colour, texture and pattern and ensure it aligns in a physical and digital world. There are multiple elements to get right for your brand and we’ll help you package up everything from a name that you can get a legal trademark and searchable to domain to representing your sustainability commitment in your brand’s visual identity.

    Why you should rebrand your interior design business. If you’re not sure, here are plenty of reasons to consider a rebrand in 2022

    Just as you will rebrand a client’s space and interiors with fresh looks reflecting their current needs and visions, giving your own brand a facelift can increase your value and give you a chance to talk to customers about what you do now.

    For example, do they know that you can design a hybrid work/life environment in the smallest of spaces? Other key reasons to rebrand include announcing a new product or service launch, to differentiate your services and brand from competitors, to expand or appeal to a newer or wider audience or to give yourself a name if it no longer represents who you are.

    Blending an interior designer’s vision of exquisite space to life through rebranding her business

    Interior designer Lauren Mahoney came to Creative Order to rebrand her business identity to reflect the high-end luxury and innovation interiors she and her team create for clients. Enter Studio Trio – a modern showcase of the three parts of her business – designing, sourcing and building exquisite spaces for clients through empowering interior design.

    Through a collaboration of creative minds and underpinned by the rule of three, we crafted a unique logotype to form pitched angles specifically designed to communicate that ‘Studio Trio’ elevates and uplifts above the competition and deliver top-tier interior design solutions.

    We also helped bring their brand story to life through all physical and digital touchpoints to encapsulate their philosophy of the power and importance of an exquisite space. Ultimately, we brought the brand in line with the service and experience that Lauren and her team deliver to their own clients.

    It is so important to invest in your name, brand and identity – and never be afraid to rebrand as you evolve

    A good creative or brand agency should cover all the bases with helping you get the best leverage and longevity for your new business name – it is your identity, so be sure you own and control it in both the physical and the online world.

    But don’t be afraid to evolve – you are in control of your image, but at Creative Order will help you rebrand to reflect who you are now and want to be.

    Rebranding is at once exciting and empowering – and for an interior designer you can put your stamp on your identity in every way.

    interior design rebrand studio trio

    rebranding interior design business

    studio trio rebranding

    So now is the time to rebrand your interior design business. Our client Lauren Mahoney at Studio Trio had this to say about her experience of working with Creative Order on the rebranding of her interior design business:

    “Todd and his team at Creative Order helped our business rebrand after 20 years. Our Interior Design business ‘Studio Trio’ now looks amazing. Todd and his team elevated the look, logo and overall appearance to more than we could of imagined.

    Creative Order listened to the brief, managed our expectations, had amazing ideas, delivered on time and managed the overall process so well. The steps and proposal were clear and easy to follow. We are so glad we found them and for future clients you would be mad not to use these guys!

    They are awesome 🙂 Lauren Founder Studio Trio”

    studio trio rebrand


    Creative Order are rebrand specialists, we can guide you in every aspect of rebranding your interior design business.

    Design is in our DNA from digital to print to brand identity ensuring you have a holistic and seamless brand creation for your interior design business. Email us now


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